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Welcome to our handmade soap and lotion site, everything here is made by hand in small batches with quality ingredients. Our soaps are made with oils like olive because it makes a very mild soap, coconut for it's thick and rich lather, castor for it's humectants properties that help your skin to retain moisture, and palm kernal because it produces a very hard, long lasting bar of soap. We also use ingredients such as cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and goats milk. Some bars have additives for exfoliation like orange peel and ground oatmeal. Our lotion is made with vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, aloe vera, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil - it does not leave your skin feeling greasy, but soft and silky.

Since the soap is hand cut every bar is unique, each weighs approximately 3 to 3.5 ounces.

You will find our soaps are kind to your skin and very mild. Not only will they leave your body feeling soft, they are gentle enough for your face and work wonderfully on hair too. Commercial soaps remove the glycerin in their bars to sell for other purposes, but our handmade soap retains that natural glycerin which can help to keep the moisture in your skin.

The shopping cart will automatically add one (1) item, you can change the quantity at the cart if you want more than one and then hit the "recalculate" button to update the quantity.

I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the quality of the products you order. If you have any concerns or questions you can e-mail me or call me at 541-480-7801 and I'll be happy to help you. Orders over $100 will receive a 5% discount. Shipping is included in the price of all products EXCEPT soap, which will be charged shipping based on weight and destination. This price applies only to orders in the continental U.S. Alaska, Hawaii and foreign countries please e-mail for shipping quote.

All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping. If you will be paying with a personal, or business check, the order will not be shipped until the check has cleared the bank - usually 7 to 10 business days.


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ALMOND: This is a smooth and creamy bar that contains no coloring. It has a strong almond scent, very pleasant and great for either men or women. A tan bar of soap.

ANISE: This soap smells just like black licorice tastes. This one is a favorite of fishermen as itís said that anise will mask the human scent. This bar is a black and white swirl.

BUTTERY VANILLA: This is a deep, dark and delicious combination of butter and vanilla. The soap is a yellow and dark white color.

CUCUMBER MELLON: Not too sweet, more cucumber than melon. A nice fresh scent. The soap is a swirl of green, orange and white.

GARDENIA: A very fragrant and feminine scent. This bar of soap is a dark pink and white swirl.

GREEN APPLE: Clean and crisp - imagine biting into a crisp green apple. The soap is a swirl of green and white.

HEATHER 'N HYCINTH: A very sweetly scented flower combination. The soap is a pink and white swirl.

LAVENDER MIST:This one smells like a lavender garden at harvest time - light and fresh. A lavender and white swirl bar of soap.

MELON: One of our biggest sellers - this melon is sweet, like a honeydew. Green and white swirled soap.

MORROCAN MINT: "Wake me up in the morning" - very minty and clean scent. The soap is a green and white swirl.

MULBERRY: A very pleasant sweet berry-like fruit scent. A pink and white swirled soap.

MULLED CIDER: Strong and spicy. Great scent for fall and winter, good masculine smelling soap. The soap bar is a tan color with no added coloring.

MUSK GOAT'S MILK: A creamy goats milk soap with a pleasant musky scent that's not overpowering. Wonderful for either men or women. The soap is white.

OATMEAL MILK & HONEY GOAT'S MILK: This is the perfect blending of three fabulous scents. Sweet and toasty, this is one soap that you'll want to take a bite out of. The soap has finely ground oatmeal and goat's milk. The soap is uncolored but comes out a light brown.

ORANGE SPICE OATMEAL: This one smells just like spiced oranges. Our best seller for men. The soap is a light tan.

PATCHOULI: A reminder of the 60's with it's deep, musky scent with just a hint of vanilla. The soap is green and white swirl.

PEACH GOAT'S MILK: This one will make you think of biting into a fat, juicy peach - sweet and ripe. The soap is a peach and white swirl.

PEARBERRY: Fruity blend of pear, apple, peach, raspbery and melon. Great uni-sex scent. The soap is a green, yellow, purple and white swirl.

PLUM SPICE: This is a nice fragrance that smells like grapes in the bottle but when it's in soap, the spicy top note really comes through. The soap is a purple and white swirl.

PLUMERIA: This is a tropical flower scent that makes you want to wander onto the nearest plane and go island hopping. The soap is a dark pink and white swirl.

SANDLEWOOD PATCHOULI: An alluring, sexy scent. Wonderful for men, but women love it too. Great in lotion. Green and pink swirl soap.

TANGERINE RAIN: Fresh and clean smell, like right after a spring rain with just a hint of fruit. The bar of soap is a blue, white and orange swirl.

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Questions? Want to exchange links? You can e-mail us at: Wighthouse Country Crafts

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